Mittleider Garden Tours

So, what exactly is a “Mittleider Garden Tour”?

During our Mittleider Garden Tours we will take you through our family garden while giving a brief overview of the process of developing a sustainable garden that can be harvested year after year with heirloom seeds.
Each Mittleider Garden Tour includes:

  • Full walk through of the garden
  • Overview of growing methods
  • Overview of Mittleider method (soils and mineral application)
  • Overview of vertical growing
  • Overview of box gardening (how, when, why…)
  • Overview of laying out a garden
  • Demonstration of the six laws of plant growth
  • Overview of growing Heirloom plants and saving seeds
  • Using A-Frames for various uses
  • Showing properly pruned and maintained plants
  • Demonstration of automated irrigation system
  • Hopefully pollinating and propagation (depending on plant cooperation)